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need help please

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Hello everyone,

Just checking in to see if anyone out there has ANY advice or direct me in the right direction to finding a car for cheap, i don't know if there are any type of organizations out there that help single mother's with transportation or not? I have a newborn and still have not been able to get a car yet, the baby has so many doctors appointments that i have to ask around to twenty million people if they could give me a ride to the doctors, and i always hear they can't right if anyone out there knows what i could do, please write me  back!!


Thank you so much

Beck <3

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Alucard Hellsing

If you have not yet found dental care here is my suggestion. Look for a dental school in your area, they will often offer dental services for very very low cost and/or payment plans. I live in Washington state so I cannot recommend any dental schools in your area, however no matter where you are a dental school is an excellent way to go if you are on a tight budget, and remember that if your teeth become infected (abscess) then go to a dentist right away, infected teeth can be a very bad thing and can lead to brain/heart infections. Good luck to you.

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